Inner Edge x Sports Expo HK 2019

We are pleased to know that over 300 participants came to Karen's Exercise Psychology talk on 17th August at the Sports Expo HK hosted by Sportsoho. This event was met with much success and we were also extremely excited that copies of Karen's book, Sport Psychology: Building confidence and maximizing potential (in Chinese), were also sold at the Lounge area!


Harry Wright International swim camp workshop

It is our pleasure to be involved with Harry Wright International's annual swim camp for the third year. This year we discussed the importance of routines, difference between routines and rituals, as well as the steps to build an effective pre-competition routine.  We had a great turnout of 39 attentive and interactive swimmers who worked hard in incorporating what they usually did with new skills to create better routines for themselves. 


Inner Edge x 2019 Hong Kong Book Fair New Book Presentation

Karen's book sharing session for her new Chinese book, Sport psychology: Building Confidence and Maximizing Potential (《運動心理學 — 建立自信,盡展所長》) , was successfully held at the ‘New Books Release Presentation’ at the HK Book Fair 2019. We were excited to learn that her book was sold out at the Fair! It is currently available at all local Chinese bookstores (誠品、商務、中華、三聯、田園、城邦書店), as well as online through Arcadia Press’s website ( Overseas readers may email for inquiries and orders. 


Inner Edge x RTHK Channel 5

Karen’s radio podcast on RTHK Channel 5’s cantonese show - Let’s get moving! (「動起來!動起來! 」)  is out! Starting July 29, 2019 the show will run every Monday 7-8pm for 4 consecutive weeks.  Karen aim to introduce the basics of Sport Psychology and explains the mutual influences of psychology and exercise. For those interested in learning how to improve their mindsets, click here.


Inner Edge: Sport Psychology book launch

We are extremely excited to announce Karen’s new book in Chinese, Sport psychology: Building confidence and maximizing potential (《運動心理學 — 建立自信,盡展所長》) which is the first Sport Psychology book in HK! This book is written for young athletes, coaches, parents and sport enthusiasts. It is currently on sale in all local Chinese bookstores (誠品、商務、中華、三聯、田園、城邦書店). Overseas readers can also order online via Arcadia Press Ltd. ( or email them directly at Arcadia Press also provides discounts for schools (inquiry hotline: 2729 1208).

Karen’s first book launch and sharing session was held successfully at Commercial Press bookstore, Mira Mall, Tsim Sha Tsui on April 28, 2019. We had an amazing turnout despite the bad weather! Please leave us comments on our Facebook page in case you would like to share your thoughts on Karen’s book.

We look forward to meeting everyone again in our next book sharing session at the book fair in July! Details to be announced later.


Inner Edge x Eastern Sport Lions

We are excited to work with the Eastern Sport Lions Basketball and Football teams for the second year running on bringing their mental game to the next level for the rest of the season! 


Jaybird x Sport Psychology

We were happy to be invited by Jaybird Hong Kong on Nov 14, 2018 to speak about the importance and effects of imagery and music in performance with 300 running lovers alongside Mr. Kawauchi Yoshiki from Japan, who flew especially to HK to share his experiences in completing a 100km run in 6.5 hours.


CUHK Smart Fun Day

It has been our pleasure to represent the Hong Kong Society of Sport and Exercise Psychology (HKSSEP) as Vice-President to join the Chinese University of Hong Kong SMART Fun Day 2018 for the second year running. Thank you everyone for supporting us and HKSSEP.  Please click on the links below for the two talks in Cantonese:

Talk 1: Imagery training: how can we fully utilize the mind for better performance? Watch video.
Talk 2: Sustaining our motivation to exercise: avoiding the pitfalls. Watch video.


Inner Edge x HK National Women’s Baseball

Baseball is a very cerebral sport, and to execute well under pressure the best players make sure they invest on the mental side of the game.  Happy to be working with the HK National Women's Baseball for the second year in their preparation for the Baseball World Cup in Florida this August. A big thank you to all the players for their time and effort during the mental skills sessions.


The 8th International Congress of the Asian South-Pacfic Association of Sport Psychology

The 8th International Congress of the Asian South-Pacfic Association of Sport Psychology was held in Daegu, Korea from June 28th to July 3rd, 2018. We were happy to team up with representatives from Japan and Korea in one of the symposiums to speak about our work with HK, Japanese and Korean National Teams.  We presented our ideas on working with the HK National Women's Baseball last year on their preparation towards the BFA Asian Cup.


Buddhist Sum Heung Lam Memorial College Anti-Doping Seminar

We were honored to be invited by Buddhist Sum Heung Lam Memorial College on June 25th to conduct an anti-doping seminar for 150 of their students. Doping in sport has become increasingly common and we were happy to share our experiences on athletes' decision making and the consequences of doping on athletes' careers.


Inner Edge x Stanford Swimming School Coaches' Development Day

We were invited by Stanford Swim School on June 10th as guest speaker for their coaches' development day. We shared our thoughts on how to strengthen communication between coaches and parents and create a suitable learning environment for young swimmers.


Ko Lui Secondary School Sport Psychology Workshop

This is our third year being invited to Ko Lui Secondary School to conduct workshops for their DSE PE students! Students were excited to actually apply the skills they have learned in class and have a taste of what top athletes learn in their careers to improve their mental game.


Inner Edge x RTHK Filming

RTHK-TV31 has invited our director Karen to be their guest for their regular TV program 《自在八點半 - 健康》, where Karen’s background and scope of work were shared in two separate episodes. Please refer to the links below for the episodes.
Episode 1 Episode 2


ESport Psychology Workshop for the HK Youth and Children Services

Esport and sport have a lot in common - and the importance of being able to move on from mistakes and focusing on the task at hand is equally important in the esport setting.  A concentration workshop was held on May 23rd with a group of more than 20 young esporters of the HK Youth and Children Services in facilitating a deeper understanding of the importance of the mind to the body.


Inner Edge x Eastern Long Lions Basketball Team

As Eastern Long Lion's Sport Psychologist, we aim to maximize player potential through hosting mental skills workshops for the team and meetings with individual players.  On May 21st, 2018 we held an arousal control training at the basketball court where players were able to apply what they have learned directly to the first quarter of a practice game!


Partnership with Eastern Long Lions

Proud to announce our partnership with Eastern Long Lions to get both their professional football and basketball teams mentally ready for the next HK premier league season! 


HK Swimming Coaches Association Coaching Psychology Workshop

We were invited by the Hong Kong Swimming Association on March 18th to host a workshop where over 60 swimming coaches were in attendance.  The workshop focused mainly on how to deal with different personalities and behaviors among young swimmers.  All the coaches were very enthusiastic in participating. We hope to share our experiences and tips with more coaches in the future!


Hong Kong Society of Sport & Exercise Psychology x Hong Kong Sports Institute Conference

As Vice-President of the HK Society of Sport & Exercise Psychology, we co-organized a 2-day Applied Sport Psychology Conference with the HK Sports Institute for the 2018 Asian Games & Asian Para Games. Local and overseas experts including Dr. Karen Cogan, Senior Sport Psychologist of the United States Olympic Committee (USOC), Mr Takuya Endo, Performance Psychology Consultant of the Japan Institute of Sports Sciences and Dr. Jaime Diaz Ocejo, Senior Sport Psychologist of the Aspire Academy. They all shared their experiences and opinions on different topics on sport and performance psychology. 


Guest lecturer at the University of Hong Kong 

Our director Karen, together with the President of the HK Society of Sport & Exercise Psychology Dr Henry Li, has been invited to guest lecture at the University of Hong Kong for 3 years in a row! They both shared with students their experiences as being one of the few Sport Psychologists in HK, with Dr. Li working at the HK Sports Institute and Karen as a private practitioner.


The 5th International Seminar of Sport
and Exercise Psychology

We were happy to be invited as the HK representative to speak at the 5th International Seminar of Sport and Exercise Psychology held in Kuching, Malaysia in February 2018. Endorsed by the Asian South-Pacific Association of Sport Psychology, this seminar attracted a total of 150 sport-related participants from all over Asia, including Korea, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan and Malaysia. We shared with participants on 2 topics: Challenges in working with teams in HK: and "The Joys and Pitfalls of being in private practice.  It was a very rewarding experience to be able to connect with professors and professionals from other countries.  We look forward to seeing you again at the Asia South-Pacific Association for Sport Psychology Conference in Daegu, Korea in June 2018!


Inner Edge x City University of Hong Kong Karate Team

New year, new beginnings! Karate is a sport that requires precise concentration, execution and finesse. Thanks to City University of Hong Kong Karate Team, we were invited to conduct a workshop with their varsity team members on goal setting and concentration. We wish them the best of luck in the upcoming inter-collegiate Karate competition in March!