Dr. Amy Baltzell
I had the good fortune of mentoring and teaching Karen in our graduate program in Counseling, with an emphasis on Sport Psychology at Boston University, USA. Throughout her training program and now as a professional colleague, Karen consistently has been trustworthy, kind, smart and tuned into the needs of others. I highly recommend her: she is an outstanding Sport Psychology professional given her excellent training, steady presence, passion for the field, and sincere desire to help athletes, coaches and teams excel.
— Dr. Amy Baltzell, President of the Association of Applied Sport Psychology, USA (2017-18) Author of Living in the Sweet Spot (2011), Mindfulness and Performance (2016)
Dr. Roy Chan Chin-ming
I am honored to have supervised Karen during her certification period for the prestigious Association of Applied Sport Psychology (AASP), USA. She has impressed me with her tremendous drive, diligence and passion in the subject. Karen is the best young professional in Hong Kong in the field of Sport Psychology. I recommend her without reservation.
— Dr. Roy Chan Chin-ming, pioneer of Sport Psychology in HK Founder of the Hong Kong Society of Sport and Exercise Psychology Former Sport Psychology professor at the Sport Sciences Department, CUHK Former Sport Psychologist for various HK and China Olympic Teams, including athletes ranked top 5 in the world
Mr. Charles Cheung, HK Professional Rugby Player
I want to thank Karen for everything she has done - it is a game changer and I wish I went to her sooner! Our work together helped sharpen my focus, control my emotions and deal with competition pressure. She also guided me to respond to setbacks positively. I now go in every day more motivated, prepared and confident. My game has definitely benefited from working with Karen and I would recommend her services to any athletes who take their sport seriously.
— Mr. Charles Cheung, HK Professional Rugby Player
Ms. Yeung Kit-ling, HK Women's Baseball Team Player
Karen was invited to do a series of mental skills workshops with our Team in preparation for the BFA Asian Cup in Sept 2017. The workshops made me realize the changes I can make towards training my mindset and finding my optimum arousal level to play well. Karen also sparked my interest in Sport Psychology. Even our head coach started using some of the concepts Karen used to refresh our memories and focus more on our processes rather than outcomes.
— Ms. Yeung Kit-ling, HK Women's Baseball Team Player
Mr. Arthur Lam, HK National Lawn Bowls Player
We are fortunate and grateful to have Karen travel with us during overseas tournaments. Games last for 8 hours a day and she would always be present to remind us on how to maintain our optimal focus level, as well as stay confident on the green. At the end of each match, Karen would discuss her observations with us individually and pinpoint potential issues that are holding us back. Karen would also assist me on the side and guide me when I have difficulties focusing on my next bowl, as well as handling negative thoughts and doubtful situations.
— Mr. Arthur Lam, HK National Lawn Bowls Player 2014 Asia Bowls U25 Singles Championship - Silver
Ms. Woo Wing Tung, past HK record holder, women's javelin throw
I am so grateful to have worked with Karen on the mental side of my game! It has only been 8 sessions, but I broke the HK record shortly after that and I knew that Sport Psychology has definitely brought my athletic performance to another level. She has guided me on how to find confidence and motivation in competition... and now I am able to manage high-pressure situations with ease.
— Ms. Woo Wing Tung, past HK record holder, women's javelin throw
Mr. Wong Ho Fai, HK Ultrarunner
I started consulting Karen since June 2015 and she has helped me identify core issues that were preventing me from doing well. I have also learned a lot about goal setting and imagery which has helped me overcome many of the barriers I experience when I do long races. I also incorporated meditation and mindfulness strategies before and during races which further took my performance to the next level. Thanks to Karen, I feel very at ease when I compete now as I know I have made huge strides in my mental game.
— Mr. Wong Ho Fai, HK Ultrarunner Champion of 2015 HK168 and 2015 Malaysia ECO100
Mr. Louis Hou, former Director of the HK Lacrosse Association
Karen held extremely informative group workshops and individual sessions before and during the World Championships, bringing our Hong Kong Men’s National Team to an amazing ranking in the World Lacrosse Championships in July 2014. We have chosen her to become our Sport Psychologist for the Men’s and Women’s teams for the next 4 years.
— Mr. Louis Hou, former Director of the HK Lacrosse Association
Karen provided insight on how we as teachers could do to create a more motivational environment for our dance students. It would be great if she could also work with our students on performance and audition anxiety management in the future, which I believe are crucial mental skills that need to be trained.
— Lecturer, School of Dance, HK Academy for Performing Arts
I was very impressed by Karen’s workshop with 175 of our senior sales managers ...I particularly liked her analyses after each activity and practical tools on how to improve communication and performance in the workplace from a Sport/Performance Psychology perspective.
— Mr. Joemund Li, Deputy General Manager & Head of NT Region, China Citic Bank International
Karen gave a lively presentation on how we can be better sport parents. She also mentioned burnout rates of athletes at an early age, and it was a good wake-up call for us who hope the best for our children but do it the wrong way.
— Parent of student-athlete, ISF Academy
My concentration has improved greatly over the past few months. I used to be very nervous before tournaments, but now that I have been trained on where to put my attention, I am able to play with ease.
— Macau National Junior Tennis Player