Website Training

Hello Karen!

Here are some videos and tips to help you manage your site. Squarespace has AMAZING customer service and online guides as well, some of which I’ve linked below, so you’ll be in good hands down the road. If you want to make some bigger updates to you site in the future and would prefer some professional help, I’d be more than happy to support at my hourly rate. Enjoy!





Main Tips

  1. Bookmark your site’s backend link (and make note of your Squarespace log-in details in case you get logged out!)

  2. For optimal loading speed, images should be no bigger than 500KB. Tiny PNG is a great site for reducing image sizes while retaining quality. You can also batch resize images to save time.

  3. Use SEO friendly image titles, headers, page titles and descriptions etc.

  4. You can duplicate pages, but you can’t duplicate blocks within a page.

  5. You can recover deleted pages from trash within 30 days, but you can’t go back to earlier versions of a page once you’ve ‘saved’ changes, so please be very mindful of deleting any existing blocks / content.

  6. Please do NOT tweak the ‘site styles’ tab! This is where I make many fundamental styling decisions for the site, so fiddling with this can cause issues (and distress to my designer brain)! Of course this is your site, so if there are some styling changes you want to make (fonts / colours / sizing), then shoot me an email and we’ll figure out the best way to proceed.

  7. Check your Analytics tab regularly to see how your traffic is doing, where it’s coming from, and what content is most popular.

  8. Share, share, share! While I’ve configured your site to be SEO friendly, that’s only the first step to a thriving website (and business). The more traffic you can send to your site, the higher Google will rank it, so keep sharing and inviting people to check it out. Blogging is another powerful way to boost your site’s searchability, so if you ever feel like exploring that, see the Squarespace link below for some tips and best practices.

Squarespace Guides

Here are some of the main Squarespace online guides that you might find useful. A quick Google search should answer any other questions you might have, and for more specific questions, Squarespace has great customer support.